How to Win the Best Car Finance Deal?

Suppose you are in a finance and insurance office finalizing a deal regarding financing with the dealer and obviously it is indeed stressful .The worries of how in future this deal may pinch your mind and to avoid such situation you should be thinking on following aspects.

The Interest rate, term of the loan, down payment, rebates, and monthly payments: Don’t forget to negotiate on interest rate. You must Have Full Knowledge of every element on your contract and it has to be spot on. Don’t sign until you’re satisfied that all of the numbers have been filled out correctly.What about Extended warranties: Well, what about them? They are always offered for your new car. But another point of view is that now days the warranties itself are enough that you don’t need it to be extended. You can get discounts just by being watchful here.

Rust protection, undercoating, fabric protection and paint protection: Rust Perforation Warranty is a must as you don’t want your car to be messed up with an iron virus, don’t you? Same goes for Fabric and Paint protection as they are essentials in maintenance of your new car.Moreover, fabric protection and paint protection mainly depends on you and not the manufacturer so help yourself. Buy a polymer sealant car wax and protect the paint of your car. The paint protection the dealer applies has to be reapplied every six months, never forget this.If these things are already on the car, then negotiate the price down to something reasonable. Since there is usually a 100% markup, start at 50% of the asking price for each item is a good idea .

Alarm systems and window etching:Although stolen car is no better to any one and you surely need to protect your car from thieves at any cost what so ever, yet there must not be exaggeration in the name of security in your car deal. Buying it from a store and comparing it with the one offered in deal can make a difference of 400-500 $ and every penny counts while buying or selling.Window etching is etching of Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on all of the vehicle’s windows to keep thieves at a distance and give you a slight safeguard and edge over them. You must check this necessary item on your list.

Trade in and Cash-only please;Never commit a blunder by telling the dealers that you have a trade-in without the deal being finalized as this well provoke them to distract you in many ways unexplainable.Same happens by saying that yeah I’ll pay cash and you lose a good deal to an average deal, simply because this will show all your cards to the dealer and he will sell on his own benefits. But saying that you haven’t thought yet and you will only decide the mode of payment after the price is set drives you in safe waters and towards the best deal.By applying all above tips gravely it can be safely said that you will get the best car finance deal, hopefully.

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